I finally tried The Sci-fi Cafe with an eat-all-you-can voucher. Since the time I discovered it on the internet, I had been excited to try the concept store! Not just the food but also the replicas, costumes, and collections of the owner himself (especially the Storm Trooper and Darth Vader helmet)!

Although, it made me sad when our buffet experience was a failure 😦 We were not able to taste everything, even any of the pasta and pizza 😦 Their serving was so large and we had to finish everything we ordered or else we’d have to pay for it. In order to leave the restaurant without paying anything except the drinks, that wasn’t included in the offer, we had to order one by one. Another tactic is we split one dish so we could both taste it. We also ordered  milk blend or shakes worth P130 each. Here’s what we ordered:

1st: Starter sampler – 4/5 of their Starters’ Dishes / Van Hellswing (P290), Nacho Libre (P250), Two Towers (P270) and Sci-Fish & Chips (P320)

2nd: Jabba the Hotdog (P290)

3rd: Steve Rogers’ Burger (P340)

4th: The Chickenator (P270)

Sci-Fi Cafe gave customers with eat-all-you-can vouchers maximum 3 hours of stay. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos of everything we ate and all other things because of my limited time. Nevertheless, I still had a lot of fun compared to my experiences with the other restaurants.



Steve Rogers’ Burger (P340)


Twin Tower and Nacho Libre



Frank the Pug of MIB


Action Figure: Ralph of Wreck It Ralph


Action Figure: Mad Hatter


Robot from Reel Steel


Portion of the “walls of collections”


Choose your own battle with these helmets


Ceiling of galaxy


One of the replicas


Harry Potter’s magical accessories


  • I was disappointed with the burger; wasn’t that tasty. It’s too thick and the cheese was so small.
  • There’s nothing special with the fries. It was okay.
  • Onion rings/Twin Towers was nearly good.
  • I didn’t like the BBQ sauce of Van Helsing fried chicken.
  • Tartar sauce for the starters was pretty good and toothsome. It added bonus points for the fries, onion rings, and Van Helsing.
  • Chickenator was too plain. I was very dissatisfied.
  • Jabba the Hotdog was new for me and I liked it. The hotdog was very tasteful.
  • Nacho Libre was the champion!

They offer big servings that surely will make you full but I still think it’s overpriced. Nonetheless, I bet you’ll enjoy the environment, surroundings, and their in-house music 😉 I’d still go back to try the pizza and pasta and take more photos! By the time we left, Joey, the owner, and the other guys were installing the photobooth. They said, they’re hoping they’ll have the photobooth until forever. Let’s just hope it’s for free!


Yours truly, a sucker for Star Wars!

Click for more photos!


After my graduation rehearsal at DLSU, I met up with my friends! YAY, finally! Had lunch at Flaming Wings. Then we transferred to Noriter ’cause it was too damn noisy (the place was so small and all the tables were occupied). Thank you friends for favoring my choice of place to eat! Hehe. Love you forevs! I wanted to take a lot of photos of Noriter but I was too shy 😦 maybe next time! ;D


Wicked Oreos at Flaming Wings (P80)


Setting up the camera for group shot (at Noriter)


Sample of cool decoration in Noriter


My order in Noriter: Green Tea Frap (P145, small); loved it so much!!


Vandalism – Noriter’s trademark


Thank you friends! Love you!

There is no stopping the country's nail salon giant. Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa is adding another branch to their continuously growing chain. Last June 12, 2013, they opened their doors to the public in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao-- making quality nail care and grooming services more accessible to northern Metro Manila. Nailaholics Gateway is their 41st branch nationwide. Over the years, Nailaholics develop a bond amongst family and friends through wellness and grooming. They carry a slew of service that surely pampers their guests, imbibing a habit of visit! IMG_0531 Nailaholics Salon and Spa is the top of mind, one-stop destination for all nail care and grooming needs. They offer manicure, pedicure, hand and foot care, spa treatment, massage therapy and other grooming services like eyelash enhancement, threading and waxing. It extends its service; making celebrations worth remembering, such as spa party for bridal showers, birthdays and mini-reunions. [caption id="attachment_1323" align="aligncenter" width="545"]IMG_0458 Cupcakes and sandwiches from Baker Street[/caption]


What marks a Nailaholics experience is its serene ambience inspired by affluent coastal communities, like The Hamptons. Each store is defined by blue-painted walls accentuated with white furniture and marine-inspired decor. The softly-cushioned sofa chairs seat their guests comfortably and the cozy homey atmosphere let the guests drift to sleep; leaving them to the care of highly trained nail technicians. [caption id="attachment_1329" align="aligncenter" width="545"]IMG_0574 Serene Island Manicure[/caption] Step into your coastal home in the city and indulge in a deluxe nail spa experience in your urban oasis, Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa. IMG_0526 Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa is located at the 4th Floor, Gateway Mall, Araneta Centre, Cubao. For other branches, visit www.nailaholics.com. Share this experience with your family and friends by liking us on Facebook (facebook.com/nailaholics) and following us on Twitter and Instagram (@nailaholicslove). --------------------------------------------------- It was fun, exciting but kinda scary to be the official photog of this event. I definitely need to buy a speedlite! More photos here!

This page served as my portfolio for almost one year. I just posted school-related photos, videos and articles. For some positive reasons and changes, I decided to start blogging everything and anything on this page. So from now on, I will be writing and posting things without rules and boundaries but, of course, with fun and morals 😉 Thank you so much for viewing!