Something to be Proud of on Independence Day

I watched Michael Sucsy’s The Vow and Cathy Garcia-Molina’s Unofficially Yours today.

The Vow is a story about a recently-wedded couple who got into a car accident that caused the girl, Paige, to lose the memories she had a few years ago. In those lost memories was her entire relationship with her husband, Leo. Paige has forgotten her love for Leo instead she remembers her interest in Jeremy who is her ex-fiancé. Leo then struggles to get Paige back and their life together the way it used to be.


Leo was played by brawny Channing Tatum and Paige by beautiful Rachel McAdams. They acted their roles pleasantly but I don’t think they make a good blend as lovers. I did not get that fuzzy feeling from the movie but I think it’s also brought by Michael Sucsy’s direction as well. The story could have been delivered more fervently for the viewers to feel the intensity of the real-life events. But I may say the settings and production were impressive and playful. I admired their home, the Art Institute, the Law School, the shops… the entire city of Chicago, Illinois! Especially the set-up of Paige’s studio—it was glorious! The script was just usual like the other romantic movies; yes, it was gratifying but I already anticipated that because I can relate it to some Nicholas Sparks’ novels. To sum up my quibbling about The Vow, I just think it lacked particular elements that should be considered to make the movie more arousing and stirring.

The next movie I watched right after The Vow is Unofficially Yours. This story is distinctively different from the first one but with the same genre. It’s about a boy and a girl who just had their hearts broken from their previous relationships. They met first in a beach party and had sex on that night; the boy, Mackie, got spooned. Mackie recently found his true-love-career as a writer and his trainer on his first job happened to be the girl he had sex with at the beach party, Cess. Just like the usual friends-with-benefits-type of movie, it ended up to love.


Once again, Cathy Garcia-Molina impressed me. You really are my favorite Filipino film director. I love and enjoy the way she puts humor around the romantic aspect of the movie. Its cheesy-ness wasn’t annoying or displeasing because of the puns. The story may be typical but the actors pulled it off! I can confidently say that John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin were the Philippines’ finest actors of today’s generation; they were trademarks. This is the first Philippine movie that made me twitterpated.

Above all my nit-picking, I arrogantly say that the local Unofficially Yours is way more astounding than The Vow. This may sound inconsiderate for some reasons (which I am already formulating a couple bullets of it in my mind) but It’s not like I care about your comments. I just want to show how grateful I am for taking Unofficially Yours to be a better movie than The Vow which is also in the same genre. I can actually have it equivalent to the movie No Strings Attached which is one of my favorite romantic movies of all time.

At first, I think this is a peculiar way of celebrating Philippines’ 114th Independence Day but looking at the bright side: Today I watched the first Tagalog movie that I can proudly say to be matched and comparable with some Hollywood movies.


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