Project: Suicidal Hair Coloring


Mother decided to use the entire 9-gram hair dye. Warning: this can be a diabolical tool to your juvenile behavior!


This is before I dab the hair color mixture onto my mother’s hair; showing her natural hair color.


Now ready to stain my mother’s hair! Its color and texture make it look like a chocolate icing. Yummy!


Waiting for 30 minutes to develop the color. It seems like she got bruised! But I was just that messy. (You’re possibly saying now, “Oh God, you blew it up! Good luck to you dearly mother…”)


The new hair color can already be seen before the waiting time is up.


Mother! C’mon! I can’t feel any enthusiasm from that look! Oh, it’s probably because of the mess I left on her beautiful face. My apologies 😛

But here’s the story…


We went for groceries a week ago and I got my mother a hair dye. I asked her permission before shooting it into the cart and I  totally did not anticipate that she would say yes knowing that it is for her. She even agreed to use it when we got home. Seriously, what is up with her? I told her that I want somebody else to do it because I haven’t done that ever in my life and I don’t want to upset her. She possibly got scared for saying yes. Until today, I was kind of bored and I saw the hair dye. I got a little hippy and told my mother that I already want to do it. Once again, I got a yes.

And this is the result of Project: Suicidal Hair Coloring:


TADA! It looks like neon orange-y red hair! Well, partly of it—just her gray hair but dominantly, it’s black with some shade of brown. I was expecting for her scandalous and appalling “Nako!!” but I heard nothing. I guess she’s satisfied because I told her it looks nice on her and I wasn’t being cogent.


I think I did fine. Don’t you think?

If not,

here’s the artist slash culprit…


I presume, you (or we) prefer culprit. D:


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