Lines and Spaces

It came to my mind this morning at 6. Something that caused me thrill and fervor. That is to start what I want to happen and what I want to own. It’s like a thunder that came out of nowhere and suddenly struck me to do three things: AIM–WORK–GET it.

Ideas and aspirations just kept coming in my mind! There were designs, brands, tagline, partners, the staffs needed, capital, first branch, other companies, etc. Apparently, I was planning everything in my mind. Unbelievable. Why is it so abrupt? I was merely picturing it in my mind and I can already feel the impact of the risks and arduousness. Nevertheless, the rush made me happy.

To minimize everything… I want to design shirts. If things will go on easily for me, I would like to start my own clothing line. But if not, I would also like to share it with a company and I will design for them.

For now, I really want to enhance my freehand drawing. Create more! Share it via new media. Learn Adobe Illustrator and master it; and then all other Adobe software.

“Lines and Spaces” is the brand that popped in my mind. It is because this goal of mine started with doodles in which there were lines and spaces in between or surrounding it even if it’s a solid black block or a circle. I also got a tagline, “Rhythm within odds.” Try reading it connotatively. I actually like it; sounds provocative and revolutionary.

I am currently puzzled by the design of the brand. I will post it here as soon as I finish the draft. But for now, I am practicing my doodles which I will also use here in my WordPress website. Also, scribbling the ideas for the shirt designs.

Some day. Some time. It doesn’t matter if I achieve it or not. At least I have something to aim and live for. I just remembered my favorite quote. I can do this!

Once again, AIM–WORK–GET.



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