Isang Pindot Ka Lang

In my Web Design class, our last requirement is to design a website for a company or for the movie we produced in our Science Fiction class. We chose to design for our movie, Isang Pindot Ka Lang. My groupmates were Nika Garing and Romeo Sinocruz. I built the concept but it was inspired from the website of the movie, No Strings Attached. I also made the design including the colors, fonts, spaces, etc. The assigned pages to me were the homepage, production team, and the interactive adventure. Romeo did the synopsis page and Nika did the casts and characters page guided by my formats. I was also in charge of the pictorial/photography while Nika and Romeo were the models/casts. I used only Adobe Photoshop for this project.




Interactive Adventure Page

Casts and Characters Page


Production Team Page

Casts: (Photos by Ady Pulido)

Pj Rodelas as Ly

Ferdz Beltran as Gelo

Cj Sabater as “Flirt #1”

Ashley Punzalan as “Flirt #2”

You can watch the movie/interactive adventure here:


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