Liv5 Concert

Bands: A+ Dropouts, The Summer Set, The Ready Set, A Rocket to the Moon, Forever the Sickest Kids

February 18, 2012 at Trinoma.

During the heat of TSS’s performance, some people stood on their chairs even if it’s not allowed. A security guard came to us and asked us to get down. Some people did not listen, just like me and my friend, Ej. The security guard slighty shaked Ej’s chair so she got out of balance and fell off her chair. Then the most tragic part happened—she dropped her DSLR… the lens got detached from the body. That was the first time I saw Ej being hysterical. Too hysterical that she scared me. That was superb! She left me to complain to the management but it did not take long when I decided to follow her. In the middle of the mirth, I baffled and I hardly moved my arms and legs. I was so devastated and I almost cried because of what happened to her DSLR. I just couldn’t imagine what I would have done if that happened to me. I would probably faint. It was very sad as well for missing rest of TSS’s performance but there was no moment that I regret going after Ej. In less than 20 seconds, I followed her. We were at the side of the venue near the merchandise, food stalls, security guards, and the staff. Then Ej left again; she went inside the mall with the guard to report her case. She told me to stay instead. I said okay. Then I just waited for her at the same spot where she left me. But then, while waiting for her, I was kind of walking little by little until I reached the VIP section. I did not really know if someone noticed me. Some people were just sitting so I “camouflage-d” with them. Before the next band started, Ej came and sat with me in the VIP section. I was so happy and pumped up!! I told Ej to forget her DSLR for a while because we just got the best spot in the concert!!

A lot more exhilarating scenes happened during the concert. It may be a dead end for her lens but we went home with leaping smiles. This was one of the best and unforgettable concerts I ever attended!  And it will always be as long as I’m with you, Jamunggs! :”D More disastrous concerts to come!

More photos here:



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