Feel young every night!

Welcome to one of the four walls of my sanctum! It’s been a few weeks before I came up with this from that. It contains the following:

  • Small portion of doodle (unfinished)
  • Caricature of Salvador Dali holding some bucks and a text on the side, “fuck art I want cash” (cut out from the August issue of Pulp Magazine)
  • Self-made Mandala
  • Cork board with pictures of my family, cousins, and friends, and proofs of the things I’ve earned for this year
  • Glow in the dark moon, stars, and clouds
  • Hat
  • Cup holder where I stick post-its/notes (there is none in the picture, tho)
  • Electric fan
  • Some of my favorite lyrics: “Dedication takes a lifetime but dreams only last for a night” from Stay Awake by All Time Low and “And in the end we all know, we only breathe for so long” from We All Roll Along by The Maine
  • Christmas lights which makes me feel very snug and relaxing, and it brings positive vibes especially when the aircon is turned on and I’m listening to some blues or r&b. Plus, Christmas is also coming!

I designed the position of the christmas lights for three times and I liked the second one. It looked best this way because I can see everything by surrounding all the things I made with those spirited lights. I stuck one end on the other side to show 3D-ish effects or, simply, to make it bold. I liked it so much, I thought of taking shots… until I tried to include myself. Mehe 😀

There you go! Stick some colorful lights in your room, I tell you (and I swear it!), it will make you feel young!

Relax your mind. Let the positive vibes in. Get stress-free! 😉










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