Bloom Arts Festival 2012


The Bloom Arts Festival Logo

My friends (Clarissa, Alyssa, Ika, and Fourth) and I met up at Farmer’s Plaza to go all together to Cubao Expo because we weren’t sure how to get there. We came at 5:15. Fourth was the only one who has already been to the place so the rest of us were saying, “eto na yun? Hahaha. (this is it?)” We roamed around the expo and started going in to the stores one by one. We were all amazed by the thrift stores and all its vintage merchandise (books, clothes, cameras, video cameras, eyeglasses, vinyl records, etc.).


Thrift Stores + Vintage stuff

Also, by the time we came, people were still preparing and setting up their spots at the mini bazaar for the event. It was already maybe a few minutes before 8 PM but the other half of the second floor of Today X Future station was still finishing up their place. It maybe late but for me, it was the best station design. Everything was wrapped up with manila paper even the floor.


Today X Future

Too bad I didn’t bring my DSLR to take better pictures of awesome things which were almost everywhere the expo. Aside from “awesome things,” I was able to see and meet awesome people! A few I know, mostly I don’t. The “awesome people” I saw were the guests/attendees who, obviously, looked they were really into art, bands, photography, and the like. (Yeah, I may be judgmental, my apologies. I bet you’d think the same if you were there.) While the “awesome people” I met were Tokwa Penaflorida, Tof Zapanta, and Paksiw (or Jeffrey Jarin). Tokwa was Alyssa’s idol. She asked Tokwa if they could have a picture together and he said yes. I’m not a fan of him but having that rare chance, I joined the picture taking! (Hehe) Then I told Alyssa to buy Tokwa’s postcard which is worth 100 PhP and ask him to sign it —she did! Alyssa was so happy and I’m so happy for her! I also met my idol, Tof Zapanta! I recognized him easily in the dark. Then I asked Fourth to take a photo of us. Sadly, until now I don’t have our picture because he hasn’t uploading it yet 😦


Aly and Me with Tokwa + other artworks


Tof Zapanta

Fourth and I found Tof at Sweet Ecstasy which is a very cool and cozy place to sit and have milk and cookies surrounded by white walls with hanging beautiful artworks. Some parts of the walls have cute doodles. I just adore the place that I wish it’s mine and count the name itself, Sweet Ecstasy. Doesn’t it sound sexy and interesting? I think it’s my favorite place in the expo and the thrift store (no specific) is my favorite store.


Inside and outside of Sweet Ecstasy


Heima’s ceiling

Wooden Canvass was selling their artworks for P150/pc but if you buy 3 pieces and more, you can it for P100 each. Fourth bought two and Alyssa and I bought 1 each. That’s the only one I bought in the event. I wanted to buy the event shirt but it’s too expensive (P350 or P380, can’t remember). Then we had dinner at Iceberg at the side of Araneta Coliseum. There were so many people because of UAAP: ADMU vs. DLSU (congrats ADMU!). After dinner, Fourth left us because he had to attend Dutdutan Festival at World Trade Center.

The four of us went back to the expo. We went to the bazaar but didn’t buy anything because it’s too expensive! There were Moonleaf and beer station at the bazaar. My friends bought and, again, I didn’t  We walked again and found out live art was already starting. It was amazing! There were of it with several artists for each painting. Lastly, we stayed for the local bands. They were good!


Live Art + Paksiw (left guy facing the camera on top picture)


The only thing I didn’t like was that my friends and I didn’t get to meet or even see all the 80+ artists! Maybe they were there roaming around or drinking beer or sitting somewhere or maybe just beside us and we didn’t notice or know that that’s them already. I just wish they organized the event better and clearly. I mean, okay… there were seven station for all the artworks of “80+ artists.” What I wished or expected to happen, as a guest and as a first-timer in Cubao X, is that the artists of the artworks in each station were just there so people could meet them personally. But maybe because I’m just a first-timer and the event is for free, my demands were improbable and I understand that. Especially that I have this great feeling that Bloom Arts Festival will already be held annually. Why? Because overall, I think, the event was simply amazing and plainly awesome. The time and venue were perfect. The artworks were very inspiring. And I met Tof Zapanta!! :”> 😀

‘Grats and thanks to everyone who made this happen! Until next time, friends and Bloom Arts Festival!


Top picture: Ika, Alyssa, Clarissa, me
Bottom picture: Fourth


At Heima

* Photos from Alyssa De Asis * Egg-iffied by me *


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