Bazooka Rocks Festival 2012


If I had one word to describe the concert, it would be: epic. It may sound simple because the word has been used in any situation nowadays but really, I swear to Earth’s existence, IT WAS EPIC. Epic = wildest, craziest, scariest, best concert of my life (yet)!


I thought it will start at 12 NN (that sounded weird, “concert will start at 12nn,” right?) but it was 10:30 Am. So Alyssa and I didn’t get to see the performances of the local bands. Missing them made us sad because we thought they were good bands. We met up with our other friends before going inside, Anjuri, Kipp, and Cheng. Then I went to merchandise booth to meet Ej who lined up for Aly and me as well. She was with sir E-boy, her boss at internship. I bought Bazooka shirt, The Maine shirt, and the Bazooka lanyard. I knew that they had ballers but I didn’t care to take a look because I won’t buy. Then we joined the crowd, sang along, and more unexpected and ineffable things happened.



We were at the last line of the crowd but there were still people behind us who were scattered, standing and sitting (probably waiting for their favorite bands). It started right after we finished from the merchandise. The crowd was quite calm. We already lost Anjuri, Kipp, and Cheng.

Break: We bought water then tried to get closer to the stage. First epic moment happened! Alyssa, Ej, and I were easily walking and passing through the narrow spaces between people until Ej stopped because of the huge person, who I called “dead end,” in front of her. The person was so big that the three of us can’t see anything. We were all laughing and went back to find other route to get closer to the stage. Oh yeah, sir E-boy was with us.



Start of the chaos. There’s a group beside us who started the mosh pit and a lot followed. We didn’t join the mosh pit but some of the people beside us got hit and fell off their knees. The mosh pit stopped for a while and got back again.

Break: We just stayed in our spot to save it because we’re getting nearer the stage by the minute.



Second epic moment: I was a madwoman! I got really mad that I already wanted to start a fight. Here’s what happened… there’s a girl beside me who was moving crazy, really fucking crazy that I moved away a little. But she wanted more space, so I gave a little more. I gave enough space for her to do whatever she wants which I think she wanted to start a mosh pit, I wasn’t sure. And when I said “really fucking crazy,” it meant she was swinging her head sideways so hard and her sweaty, thick, distasteful hair hit my eyes. She just didn’t get fucking enough. She started hitting my back with her elbows. I had no idea what she wanted to happen so I turned around and stared at her but I can’t see her eyes because she was still stupidly rocking her hair. Then she moved back away so I faced the band again. Then she fucking hit me again so I started to hit her back. I pushed her and I wanted to hit her already but Ej got hold of me. I stopped and faced the band again; I was so furious that I couldn’t stay because I might not stop myself from hitting her. I told Ej I wanted to leave the crowd and eat first. We left sir E-boy. Alyssa wasn’t there anymore because she went ahead to order food for us.

We watched ASD from the left end side of the venue with the food stalls. We ate lumpia and siomai. Alyssa saw Raimund Marasigan, vocalist of Sandwich (local band), and she wanted a photo with him.


Break: We looked for Raimund Marasigan. We found him and I asked him if we could take a photo with him; he said yes. Then we tried to get a good spot in the crowd for FTSK since they’re one of my most-awaited bands.



3rd epic moment: More mosh pits! The girl in front of us got hurt. Because the crowd was so crazy and wild, Jonathan, lead vocalist of the band, asked the crowd to divide themselves literally. There’s a space in between where the mosh pit would start. What I did was… I joined the mosh pit! I didn’t last 5 seconds! I got down on my knees right away and almost left my shoe! So I stood up fast and left the mosh pit. I was alone! I couldn’t find Alyssa, Ej, and E-boy but I was almost near the stage! After the mosh pit, the crowd got altogether again and a few seconds more, I found Ej! When we each other she shouted, “Aa!!!! We’re alive!!” then we hugged and laughed so hard!

4th epic moment: The first catch or gimmick was the big balloons with small balloons and confetti inside popped and fell on the crowd. It was so beautiful and it felt really good.


5th epic moment: Kyle Burns, drummer of FTSK, took his shirt off; and during the last song, Jonathan climbed on the left side post and Kyle on the right side post.


Spoiler: they had the most intense mosh pit and crowd. We had hard time breathing.

Break: We rested out of the crowd. We were so dead tired; I even lied down on the floor. We bought water again. This is us right after FTSK’s performance:




We were so far from them L but it was fine because we’re still not sober up from FTSK. John O’Callaghan was still the best, for me. He was slightly drunk, by the way. I liked his outfit. It was the one he wears during studio performances and in music videos.

Second catch: There were big inflated balloons thrown by the band members at us and it was just bouncing over the crowd all throughout their performance.


I was also very happy that they sang When I’m at Home. John had a message to us about loving, thanking, and respecting our parents, friends, sibling, and each and every one of us because without us, there would be nothing (something like that). He made sense except it actually made me laugh because I know (or I think?) he’s quite drunk.

While singing, John and Jared climbed on the left side post like.


Break: We went to the restrooms. Then I bought beer. Alyssa saw there’s an autograph signing for FTSK so I ran to get my magazine but I didn’t make it. They already left when I came. Anyhow, it would still be useless since Alyssa was almost at the end of the line. The guard said there will be autograph signing for the next band which is The Maine! So I chose not to watch Marianas Trench just to line up for The Maine. Good thing I’m not much of a fan. But because I’m a mean person, I cut in the line. No one noticed or at least no one cared to question me.

Worst part of the concert: I was almost near the band (The Maine) but since the fans already created a commotion, the bouncers and guards decided to stop the autograph signing. I was so sad and annoyed but I thought it is okay because I just cut in anyway.

So, I was in the line during the MARIANAS TRENCH’s performance and still singing along.


Break: We looked for a good spot to watch Mayday Parade.



No mosh pit anymore. I didn’t know Derek Sanders was handsome in person. Brooks Betts was pretty at the booth but prettier on stage. The third gimmick was smoke machines at both sides and top of the stage. It was exciting because it’s cold and it gave me a rush! Miserable At Best performance was flawless. It’s the only video I took.

Break: After MP, a lot of people back off so we quickly went in front and we got so close to the stage! I was already stepping on the railings. I was so excited to see my ultimate girl crush, Taylor Momsen! It was the longest break of all.



HOT. Just hot. I also thought Taylor was slightly drunk. Instead of drinking water between songs, she had beer. Idol! I also thought she didn’t like the crowd that much because she kept saying, over and over, “Manila, you are fucking quiet!” and “Shout! Louder! Louder! Louder! Louder!” this made me sad because she didn’t get satisfied. Anyway, her moves were so fucking flawless and gorgeous. It’s like we’re watching in a strip club (LOL). She had the most number of official photographers and crowd photographers. You are now officially my ultimate girl crush, Taylor Mikel Momsen!

6th epic moment: On her entrance, the gimmick used was fireworks that exploded over the stage and I was just below it. It felt like I was the star (Hahahaha!).

The venue was so smoky or foggy after the concert. We sat for a while to rest. Then… Myx interviewers came to us and asked us to say something about the concert. I don’t know what happened but we did it (@_@) and I sort of regretted it because my friends and I looked so haggard, sweaty, and my voice was hoarse. I’m not sure if they will air us anyway.

Ej was so lucky to get the autographs of her favorite band, Mayday Parade, and her crush-iest vocalist, Derek Sanders, without lining up. Lucky her! And because I was so depressed that I didn’t get to have a chance to meet and greet the bands (especially The Maine) we just took pictures with their billboards.



Of all the concerts I’ve been to, Bazooka Rocks Festival 2012 was the best. Again, it was epic. You know… great and rad bands singing the songs that saved you from your down times and celebrated with you during jovial times, crowd with high spirits singing their hearts out together, your great and awesome friends beside you, mollified yet bright smiles, people dancing like nobody’s watching, looking at the amusing gimmicks (confetti, smoke, fireworks, inflated balls, balloons)… I just want to thank all the people behind Bazooka Rocks Festival for making me feel infinite.



* Most photos from Alyssa using digicam * Some photos from me using phone cam * Edited by me * The video above is mine *


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