Pictorial outside the studio

Pictorial is also my thing. It can be tiring but fun. I love to show the world how beautiful a person is through my shots.

Last December, my sister asked me to give her son a pictorial for his 7th birthday. It was more exciting for me because I just had a new lens. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a studio so I had to improvise. Oh, and before everything else, I had to re-read particular photography books for reminders. I ordered Sam, my nephew, to play with his little brother so I can capture the best shots but it was the most difficult part. And worst, his smiles were very awkward; it’s like he doesn’t know how to smile naturally. Here are his photos:


Samuel Manzano

I think we still managed it. He’s a handsome kiddo, anyway!


Sam’s best scripted-natural-smile

January 2, 2013. Together with my cousins, I went to Tagaytay City. During our break from walking, I initiated a “quick photo shoot” for my cousins (of course, they also forced me to make a pose *sigh*). My lens did it; the bokeh was very nice! I admire taking photos, especially of people, but I don’t like to be the subject (I’m not a poser for crying out loud). Oh yeah, I want to thank my cousins who used my photos as their cover and profile pictures. You guys made me very happy even if I didn’t get any credit. Hahaha 😉

You can check more of their photos in my Flickr: cousins and Sam’s


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