Here’s a demo reel I made this year; finished it within a day. I just tried to find out what I could come up for less than 20 hours—and I wasn’t satisfied with it.


Documentary: Selling Kwek-kwek (my video)

In my Relsfor (values and ethics in a profession) class, we were asked to produce an amateur video about the well-being of professionalism here in Philippines. The jobs we were allowed to document were the ones that need not have to be licensed and accredited by employers. In this country, these jobs can be like street food vendors, trolley drivers, and “takatak” vendors. Aside from documenting the job and the seller, we were also required to try the job itself and sell the goods or services it provided. For my last requirement in the class, I chose to be a street food vendor. I sold some kwek-kwek! 🙂

Kwek-kwek is a famous street food in Philippines. In English, it is often called “orange eggs”. The street food vendor, who pleasantly allowed me to document our interview, cook kwek-kwek, and sell it, is Ate Shirley. I found her on the street of El Vinda Subdivision at San Pedro, Laguna. She was cooking kwek-kwek when my friends and I came to see her. I kindly asked her before everything else if she could help me with my project. After two seconds, she said yes. In return, we will buy her kwek-kwek; but we did not tell her that.

She told us that she sells kwek-kwek everyday. During school days, she drives her cart and selling outside “National High School,” as she said. If there were no classes, she drives her cart around the subdivision or sometimes she just stays in front of her house (that’s where we found her). Aside from kwek-kwek, she also sells fishball, squidball, kikiam, and ice scramble. Unfortunately, on the day we met her, the only available street food was kwek-kwek because she did not receive her regular delivery of other raw goods. Each small kwek-kwek costs 1PhP and 10PhP for the large ones. Her usual capital price per day is 500PhP and if she will be able to sell a lot, she can go home with 800PhP. I think that’s a good income for a street vendor.

I was excited to try cooking kwek-kwek but I did not anticipate that coating the egg with batter would be hard. The batter was too heavy and sticky to coat the egg but after scooping it out from the batter, everything else was easy. Romeo, my friend, ate 30 pieces of small kwek-kwek(s)! Unbelievable, right? But I can’t blame him because my hands had some “chef-y” skills 😉 Just kidding! I actually made a horrible looking kwek-kwek! Good thing my friends still ate them. Nika, my other friend, ate like 20 pieces and I ate 10 pieces. We did not try the large ones, though, because we thought it was hard to eat. I couldn’t miss to mention Ate Shirley’s own mixture of the vinegar sauce; it was inexplicably tasteful! My friends and I will surely come back for more!

Street food vendor: Ate Shirley
Photographer and Videographer: Nika Garing and Romeo Sinocruz
Editor: this kid, Ady

Anyway, if you want to make your own kwek-kwek, here’s the recipe. Click here!

“Isang Pindot Ka Lang” Interactive Adventure

This is a link to the interactive adventure of the movie we made in Science Fiction class last 3rd term SY 2011-2012.

Members: Nika Garing, Cj Sabater, Romeo Sinocruz, and Ady Pulido


Director: Nika and Ady

Writers: (all of us!)

Editors: Nika and Ady

Music director and editor: Cj


The film starts with an unnamed scientist finishing his project, the Memory Eraser Remote or MER. The scene shifts to a happily married couple named Romeo and Nika. Romeo is a playboy when his wife is not around as he can be seen flirting with an officemate. Romeo and his officemate went out for dinner and he lost track of time. Nika was already asleep when Romeo got home. Nika woke up when she heard the door open and smelled a different perfume on Romeo. Romeo denied Nika’s accusation that he was with a girl. Romeo and Nika fought and Romeo slept in the living room.

Romeo prepared a breakfast in bed for Nika and apologizes. Nika ignores the apology so Romeo left for work. Romeo went to a coffee shop with his best friend, Gelo. Romeo complained that Nika does not trust her anymore. Gelo left for work and Romeo was left alone. The Scientist heard the conversation and approached Romeo. He introduced the MER and they talked. In the end, Romeo accepted the remote. Romeo went home, with Nika still cold towards him. Romeo used the remote on Nika while she was sleeping to delete their earlier fight.

Romeo woke up and smelled breakfast. In the dining, he saw Nika preparing their breakfast as if the fight never occurred. They had small talk and had sex after. Romeo cannot contain his happiness knowing that he can cheat whenever he want, and when Nika catches him, he can use the MER to erase it.

Romeo told Gelo the whole story and asked him to give him some girls. Gelo said to go to a bar and wait for the girl that he will set up with him. Romeo went to the bar and saw the girl Gelo told him about. The girl found out that Romeo was married and stated that it is okay with her. They had sex in Romeo’s car after. When Romeo got home, Nika was waiting for her. She saw the kissmark on his neck. Romeo used the remote again on her and she was sweet all of a sudden. The cycle went on and on. Romeo cheats, Nika catches him, Remote erase, Nika’s sweet, Romeo happy.

The next time Romeo used the remote, Nika fainted and resulted with her not recognizing Romeo anymore. Nika suffered an amnesia, where he only forgot things with Romeo in it, including their marriage, their first meeting, etc. Nika run away from Romeo and went to Ly’s dorm. Ly is her bestfriend. Romeo went after Nika but Ly stopped him and they talked. Romeo admitted the remote to Ly but Ly allowed him to talk to Nika. Nika still cannot remember anything so Ly asked Romeo to leave and come back next time. Romeo went to the Scientist and ask him what happened to the remote. The Scientist said that he will examine the remote and give him details as soon as possible. In Romeo’s office, a girl will flirt with her but he will deny her because he realized that he loves his wife so much. He went to the coffee shop and talked to Gelo. Romeo said he plans to court Nika again even if the memories do not come back. Videos of Romeo courting Nika is being played. In the end, Nika will admit to Ly that she does not feel anything special for Romeo, before and today.

The Scientist learned the side effects of the remoteand tried to contact Romeo to no avail. Romeo saw the dog he gave Nika outside his door. Romeo went to Ly’s dorm and demanded Nika to remember him. Ly shouted at Romeo that Nika does not feel the same way anymore. Romeo left. Romeo went to the Scientist and the Scientist told him the side effects, that the remote, if always being used, can erase the memory of the person as a whole. The other side effect, it also erases the emotions connected to the person being erased in the memory. Romeo took the remote and used it on himself.

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